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Get your movement & posture screened by a professional

Posture and movement assessments are becoming increasingly more critical than ever before. They are such an important factor in our health and our everyday life which is why I do them for FREE.

I enjoy educating others on any specific areas they may have limitation and or mobility issues with… plus I love meeting new people!

Regardless, you get the opportunity to be assessed the exact same way as if you were my client. This is where I start everyone as it gives me the big picture of your body's capabilities and areas that need correcting.

What's included?

  • 30-minute movement and posture screen via Zoom

  • Posture and movement education tailored to your needs

  • Guidance on exercises to improve your movement and posture

  • Recommendations on any specific equipment that may be needed 

Free Movement & Posture Screen 

 30 minutes 

My goal is to:

1) Assess your posture and give recommendations on how to improve it

2) Spot any muscle imbalances that are at risk of pain or injury

3) Adress any areas with limited range of motion/lack of mobility

4) Review lifestyle factors that may be hindering your progress or causing pain

5) Recommend the best strength training protocols


Not sure if your posture or your body's
movement patterns are misaligned?

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