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Lifting as a Lifestyle
12-week program

Developed for you to build strength to reduce pain and avoid injury in a sustainable way. This holistic program encompasses all things
fitness & lifestyle including:

Healthy Habit Formation, Behavior Change, Fitness, Nutrition, and Stress Management.

By investing in your yourself and your health, you can achieve your specific goals with the guidance of a personal coach!


  • Initial goal setting session

  • Weekly one on one coaching calls

  • Customized strength program

  • Direct feedback from coach on form 

  • Access to e-learning portal

  • Educational modules

  • Information sheets

  • Lifetime access to support

Not sure you're quite ready?

Try our self-paced program!

 Lift to Live 

6-week program 

This self-paced program is designed to guide individuals on how to adopt lifestyle techniques

to gain energy, reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, increase productivity and practice a healthy work life balance. 


  • 6 weeks of educational modules

  • Assigned learning

  • Strength training program

  • Video library of exercise tutorials

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Recipes and nutrition hacks

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