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Linsday A.

"I have been working out for years and only seeing minimal progress so I decided I needed a change and wanted to work with someone that would help me increase my muscle strength. So I reached out to Brianne and have been working out with her for several weeks now.  Immediately, she knew what I needed to change up about my workouts.  I started to see a difference in my strength after several sessions.  Brianne provided me with workouts to do on my own when I wasn't working with her and they are easy to do. Brianne is knowledgeable and fun to work with, I highly recommend giving her a call if you are looking for a personal trainer"!

Alma B.

"As a Fitness Trainer, Brianne challenges you because she knows you can rise to the challenge while supporting and encouraging you along the way. Having worked with several Trainers, Bri is tough but also understands and has compassion for her clients. I learned from her to not limit myself and rise to the challenge because I am stronger than I know. Bri cares for you not just as a client but as a friend".

Lynsey C.

"I have never felt more welcome and comfortable than when I train with Brianne. She pushes me to do better and work harder each day while still making it fun to train. Brianne is not only a wonderful trainer but, a truly inspirational person".

Andrea B.

“I started with Brianne over a year ago and the experience has been exactly what I hoped for.  She has always done a great job of listening to me, meeting me where I am at, and helping me clarify my goals. Each session, she leads me through a personalized workout that pushes me in an energetic and supportive way to become a healthier and happier person.  I’m far stronger and more fit.  I sleep better.  I think more clearly and am more productive in every area of my life.  All in all, I’m confident this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I highly recommend her".

Lizbeth G.

"Brianne is great at what she does. She is very involved in helping you with your form. She always takes the time to teach you the correct way. She pushes you to do more which is awesome and makes you push yourself."

Linda T.

"I have been working with Bri for almost a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. Bri is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each session. Bri is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer. She has helped me tone and strengthen my body so I will be able to compete to the best of my ability in college athletics. I would definitely recommend Bri; she is the best trainer around!"

Jawad A.

 "I first started working with Brianne a few years ago at title boxing. What impressed me the most was her knowledge pertaining to both cardio and weight lifting, as well as her positive and happy demeanor. Her classes were always fun to attend. A few years later we crossed paths again at Rumi Maki Boxing Gym, and she was the same person, full of energy. She’s been always great at motivating and getting the best out of me. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer, I highly recommend Brianne!"

Liz R.

"Bri is a rockstar! She will work you hard and will push you to your own limits. She individualizes every workout and tailors it to specific goals, if you have them! Most importantly, she always focuses on proper form and corrects you when needed. In an hour’s time, she will warm you up, work you out, and stretch you, leaving you feeling like Super Woman! Not to mention, she’s pretty funny."

Tracey V.

"Brianne is the absolute best trainer!! She is tough but sweet at the same time which is exactly what I needed!! With her help I went from doing absolutely nothing to being able to deadlift 180 lbs (now 205), bench 95 lbs and back squat 185 lbs!! Couldn’t have done it without her!! Thank you Bri"!!!!

Nicole S.

"Brianne designs workouts that are 100% geared towards meeting my physical and emotional needs. She motivates me, yet is empathetic to my day-to-day distractions. By the end of my workout, I always feel like I am going to have a great day. I continue to work with her (since 2016) because our work together makes me feel strong, capable, confident and accomplished. Brianne is committed to me”!

Lisa R.

“Brianne is my absolute favorite personal trainer! It’s hard to find someone that is not only professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable, but someone that genuinely cares about their clients and their goals. Through every workout, Brianne explained in detail how everything contributed to my fitness goals. She checked-in outside of scheduled sessions and made sure I was applying that knowledge to my everyday routine. I’ve come away with a set of tools that I can use far beyond fitness but in every aspect of my life. Her positive energy and fun workouts made it easy to get out of bed at 5.am :)”

Patti H.

“My major accomplishment in working with Brianne is that I can now successfully do sit-ups. That may sound lame, but it is coming from a person who could not even do 15 sit-ups! I feel different because I know that I am much stronger. I can feel the difference in my daily activities as a mom. The best part of our work together is definitely stretching. Simply, this is the last part of our workout. I know then that I successfully completed a strenuous workout. It feels so good to know that you did something for yourself. And with Brianne no two workouts are the same.  She is so creative with her workouts, I am always looking forward to what we will be doing next. Her workout sessions are truly addictive.”

Sandy W.

"Brianne is a wonderful personal trainer.

Simply put, she really cares about her clients.

Brianne provides me very challenging workouts and closely monitors my progress. I have degenerative disc disease.  Brianne modifies exercises that I might not attempt to do and allows me to excel.  I always look forward to working out with her."

Chris K.

"I’m a 67 year old man working with Brianne for the past 6 months. No one likes working out and feeling the pain the next day or for me the whole week lol. Working with Brianne has been a physically and mentally rewarding experience. Her knowledge is second to none and pushes me albeit I’m older but she wants results and won’t let me quit. Working with her has been quite an experience. She makes working out fun, constantly has me laughing even through a strenuous workout. She really does need help in counting . She has a bubbly personality that shines through her toughness and will make your workouts much more pleasant.

Give Brianne a call and try her out! You will be delightfully surprised in seeing how gratifying sweat and pain becomes with Brianne as your instructor."

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