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Empowering Dental Hygienists to Reclaim
Their Well-Being
About Brianne

Hey there!


For over a decade, I've helped hundreds of people improve their physical health by training their bodies with purpose and intention. With my professional background and knowledge, I have developed a proven process to ensure that you build your strongest, healthiest body for both your personal life and your professional life. 

My "Lift for Longevity" method takes a tailored approach by getting to the root of your pain so you can alleviate it for good. My customized method is designed to correct muscle imbalances and restore your posture to build a balanced body. This encompasses all aspects of physical health including Mobility, Core Stability, Strength, and Postural Awareness! 


After many years of working as a personal trainer and lifting heavy weights, I ended up getting injured during a workout which made it extremely difficult to do my job. I realized then that I wasn’t training efficiently, and it became my mission to learn everything there was to know about training to prevent injury. Shortly after this, I worked part-time as a dental assistant for two of my personal training clients and I realized how prevalent pain was in the dental industry. With my knowledge of pain being caused by muscular imbalances, I decided to develop a method to fill the gap between pain and the risk factors associated with dentistry. I now am blessed to help countless hygienists get rid of pain, stop relying on temporary fixes, enjoy their practice, and have an improved quality of life not only for themselves but for their families <3


Welcome to my transformative 12-week customized strength training method, a journey designed to revolutionize your well-being and empower you with a pain-free and resilient body. In this method, we focus on correcting muscle imbalances and sculpting the ideal muscles for dentistry, enabling you to embrace life without limitations.

Experience the freedom of a pain-free life and increased energy

Unleash your physical strength and embrace a balanced body

Bid farewell to tension headaches and reliance on temporary fixes like chiropractic and massage

Achieve better posture, extended endurance, and mental peace for a thriving dental career and fulfilling life

Lift for Longevity - Built by Brianne
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