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Dental Equipment

Helping dental professionals
relieve pain & improve posture through specialized strength training


Are you dental professional suffering from chronic
aches and pains

Do you wish you had a long-term solution to get rid of your pain instead of relying on 
temporary fixes?



Hi, I'm Brianne. I help dental professionals get rid of their pain, avoid the chiropractor, and prevent MSDs through my specialized strength training program. 

Maybe you want to learn how to exercise to benefit your body and have more energy to prolong your career. But you've tried everything to get rid of your pain...

If you're interested in learning how to get rid of pain for good, click the button below to watch a FREE training on how you can practice pain free in 60-days.

Built by Brianne's mission
is to empower dental professionals to
build their strongest and healthiest body, 
to have longevity in their career.

As corrective exercise specialists, we guide you
on how to develop muscular strength while improving muscle imbalances through our specialized fitness programs.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, click the button below to watch a free training video.


“Before I found you, I was honestly just looking for any way possible to get out of hygiene, I was very negative towards work and dreaded it daily. I had major neck pain everyday that did not go away after the work day like it used to. 5 weeks in and I definitely feel better. No constant neck pain and I have a better attitude towards work. Now I'm mostly sore from the workouts, which is a better kind of pain. I'm not 100%  better but definately a good 80% which is way better than I could have hoped for at this stage.  ”

Karri Z. -RDH

"8 weeks and no injuries!!! Amazing considering more than once I started a "challenge" and got injured the first day or week of the program and had to quit. That was so defeating. I tried and felt like a failure. With your Dumbbells for Dentistry program and your expertise, I'm 8 weeks in and experiencing wins. No injuries and less pain, getting stronger and feeling encouraged. I just needed the right program."

Donna P.  -RDH

“Wanted to let you know that I appreciate you touching base today. I needed that motivation to get going and to stay consistent! I do notice my twice a week workouts have helped with some of my chronic back and neck issues. I have been able to back off the chiropractor visits and feel that your warmups alone have really helped. So thank you! Finding someone like you who specializes on helping the dental community is not an easy task. I've struggled years with finding the right therapy's (Chiro, massage etc.) to help with these issues and I'm so glad I found you!”


Lindsay E. -RDH

Palatine, Illinois
United States

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