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To Conquer Pain, Embrace Strength, and Build a Resilient Body


Meet Brianne | Built by Brianne

Meet Brianne

Hey there! I'm Brianne, your dedicated partner in the pursuit of pain-free living for dental hygienists.


If you're tired of battling discomfort and longing for a vibrant, pain-free career, you're in the right place! Picture this: exercising in a way that truly benefits your body, boosting your energy levels, and extending your personal and professional journeys.

Together, we'll unlock the secrets of specialized strength training that will banish pain from your life, once and for all. I understand the unique demands of your profession. That's why my customized method is designed exclusively for dental hygienists like you. Say goodbye to the limitations and hello to a future filled with vitality and resilience.

Curious to learn more? Click the button below and treat yourself to a FREE training session. In just 60 days, you'll discover how to practice pain-free, empowering yourself to embrace a career that truly thrives.

Why choose Built by Brianne?

At Built by Brianne, I understand the unique challenges dental hygienists face. Long hours in uncomfortable positions can take a toll on your body, leading to pain and compromised health. That's why I'm dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive program designed specifically for dental hygienists like you. 

Lift for Longevity, my transformative method, is meticulously engineered to eradicate muscle imbalances and forge the optimal muscles for dentistry. Experience the power of pain relief and posture enhancement as you pave the way toward a resilient body that propels your career to new heights.

Personalized Support 

Tailored Expertise

Specialized Training

Sustainable Solutions

Proactive Prevention

Lasting Results


Want to get rid of pain to have longevity in your career?
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Strength training and improving posture are the pillars of a health-conscious and pain-free lifestyle, empowering you to embrace each day with vitality and experience the joy of living without limitations.


See What Others Are Saying
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Katie has been a hygienist for 15 years. She had chronic low back pain and wore a back brace. It was so bad that her kids had to put her socks and shoes on for her.  She tried chiro, massage, and PT and found herself getting progressively worse. It ended up that she has a ruptured disc and several herniated discs. 

She has just turned 39 and wanted to feel better by 40 so she started my Lift for Longevity method. 8 weeks later, Katie has NO PAIN. She is a literally different person. Before my program, she thought about pain 24 hours a day. She dreaded going to work and her family was getting the worst of her because she was miserable.

She can now come home and play with her kids, she took her daughter camping, which she says a year ago she would never even consider. She hasn’t worn her back brace since she started my program and actually had forgotten about it! She shared with me that she worked on 10 patients one day and she got home and was fine. 

She is surprised how short of time it took her to get rid of her pain and said “it was easier than I thought it would be”. She says that she could’ve saved herself so much time and money and taken better care of herself if she had done this sooner and that “you need to feel good if you’re going to help other people.”


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The Lift for Longevity Podcast | Built by Brianne


How to Correct Muscle Imbalances, Unleash Your Strength, and Conquer Pain


"With your method and your expertise, I'm 8 weeks in and experiencing wins. No injuries and less pain, getting stronger and feeling encouraged. I just needed the right program."

- Donna P. 


Built by Brianne | Take Proactive Steps

"Your body is your greatest asset. Take proactive steps, embrace preventative care, and invest in its resilience. For in the pursuit of a healthy and pain-free body, you unlock the freedom to live life to the fullest."

- Brianne Novaes

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