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Fat loss vs. weight Loss

After the year we’ve had, many people are struggling to lose weight now more than ever.

I would say 95% of people I talk to are looking to “lose weight” but the reality is




You actually want to lose fat!

Most people go on diets, cut down calories and start hitting the gym intending to lose weight and “tone up” but most times they end up with neither.

There is a significant difference between weight loss and fat loss. Most people use these terms to mean the same thing, but they are vastly different.

If you want to LOSE WEIGHT, you are looking at muscle, water, bone mass, fat and organs.

Your focus may be shedding fat, but you may end up losing some muscle due to poor dieting (very-low-calorie diet) and improper training (long hours of cardio).

This may lead to:

  • Poor fitness

  • Poor strength and performance

  • Premature aging

If you are looking to LOSE FAT, it means you want to reduce the amount of body fat you have. Most people focus on their weight that they forget to maintain their muscle.

When you go on extremes cutting of calories and working out, your muscles start to shrink which leads to a slower metabolism and makes it harder to progress in your weight loss journey.

Muscle is the key to successful weight loss!! Focus on maintaining muscle (and even adding more) as you lose fat.

The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn which in turn increases your metabolism.

This will leave you with:

  • A “toned” look aka lean muscle

  • More strength and endurance

  • A more youthful look

This is exactly what I help my clients with in my Built90 program. Watch my FREE training video for more information.

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