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Group fitness classes are not strength training

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but 90 % of the time group fitness classes are not going to get results. There are a few exceptions like Crossfit or other small group training that uses barbells but they one thing in common..heavy lifting.

Over the years I’ve coached many group classes but would I ever use that to train myself? Absolutely not.

Do you see the other trainers taking those classes? My guess is no.

If you just want to move your body, break a sweat, and enjoy working out with others, group fitness is perfect for you. If you are actually looking for results around say fat loss or “toning up”, you need to strength train.

3 problems with group fitness:

  1. There is no progression

  2. You neglect certain body parts

  3. It is one size fits all

Question: how do you train a mass of people with different physical limitations and imbalances the same?




You cant!

So what is the difference you ask?

It boils down to “working out” versus “training

-Working out really has no rhyme or reason to it other that to get healthy, feel good, improve quality of life etc. You may see some initial results but those are very short lived and not long lasting.

-Training has specific goals that you are working towards. It can be as small as working towards doing a pushup or pullup or as big as losing fat or growing your booty.

Regardless of the goal, there is a science behind it and following a proper strength training program is key.

So if you want to see noticeable results, look fit and toned, be able to eat more, and achieve the body you’ve always wanted…STRENGTH TRAIN. There’s no other way ladies and gentleman. Invest in a trainer to tailor a program that is specific to you and your goals so that you can look and feel like the sexy beast you are 😉

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